A cute little alien just crash-landed on an unknown planet in a solar system far, far away. Use your physics and problem-solving skills to find more fuel for his trashed flying saucer. This free game will take you through 50 puzzling levels on 10 different planets.

The helpless alien's fate is in your hands: only you have the power to bolt and unbolt wooden planks that push him to all the yummy fuel sources. Grab all 3 treats each level and our quirky extraterrestrial friend can go home. Collect all of a planet's stars to warp to the next one.

Is your logic and coordination good enough for some outerspace physics? Try to pass all the levels and reach Planet 10!

  • Stunning retina graphics
  • Game Center leaderboards and achievements
  • Innovative cross between physics and puzzle gameplay
  • 10 planets and 50 levels!
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